Let Me Help You Save Time So You Can Be Engaged In More Income Generated Tasks


My Story

Many people who have started a business would tell you that the business did not suddenly come from thin air. There is a story as to why and how it came along. My story began in 2014 with me doing Virtual Assistant work many years ago, not knowing that was what I was doing. After much trial and error, I went back into the Call Center World.

I then realised that if I really wanted to make this my life, I would have to do some research on how to be successful as a Virtual Assistant. After much research, taking courses and being coached by some of the best in the business, perfect timing, I was forced to jump right in with 2 feet. No more part-time V.A. I was now full-time.

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What I Do

I will help you save time on your back office operations so that you can focus on more income generated tasks that you prefer/love to do.

I Coach.

Learn how to earn as a Virtual Assistant and create your own online business.

I Freelance.

I work with businesses to ensure that their back-end is taken care of so that they can focus on more income generaing tasks.

I Write.

In these books you will find educational and motivational information to help you advance in your life and business.

Need Advice?

Stop trying to do it all on your own and let me help you today!

My Books & Courses

Ready to achieve your dreams, and reach your goals? Let’s get started!


“Phylicia is very diligent in carrying out her tasks. She is also keen on improving her skills so that she can produce the most excellent work. She makes running my online business so much easier.”

Julia O Barnes – Online Course Creator Coach

Jannel Alexander-Reid, Director Institute of JAR