About Phylicia

My Story

My journey started in 2014 when I started working for a Canadian Immigration Company doing research and social media management for them. As a newbie, I had no idea that I was a Social Media Manager. All I knew was that I was earning from being on my phone. I was on my phone all the time anyways. Why not earn from it I thought. I then decided to dig a little more into what it is that I am doing and how I can improve my skills. It was then that I realized that Virtual Assistants was really a “thing”. And the journey began…

That contract ended in 2015 and I was not totally sure of where to go and what to do to get more clients so I went back into the corporate “brick & mortar” world until a few clients came my way here and there. 

Research then became a big part of my days and nights until I figured out how to really find my way around the VA World. 

During my research I have had to take some paid coaching from some of the best in the business. Some of who are Julia O Barnes, Joan Wright Good, The Six Figure Chick, following the Women CEO Project on social media and a lot more. 

In 2018, I was laid off from my job on New Years day. I moved to another call center. During my pregancy, I was diagnosed with slipped disc and pinched nerve. That was hell! I had a horrible time even doing the things that we take for granted everyday like using the restroom on your own.

I remember this second company I was having a hard time. It came down to making a decision. Was I gonna stick to their work schedule or be forced to leave and be able to attend my physical therapy once a week. Yeah! I ws given a hard time with my ailments and having the time to leave when I need to.

It was then that I decided to take their “suggestion” and leave. I was a part time V.A. all this time and decided then in 2019 that I was going to let Virtual Assistance be my full time lifestyle.

I say lifestyle because that is exactly what it is. I had to learn balance and flexibility, responsibility and accountability to myself.

Since I went full time, I have never looked back and it has been the most rewarding time of my life. I now get the chance to spend more time with my family instead of travelling for 6 hours a day for a 10 hour shift.

I am ready to help anyone who wants the same freedom I have.

Feedback & Reviews

What My Clients Had To Say

“Based on the remote model of our business, it was a natural fit to hire a virtual assistant. Having worked with varied assistants, the team was happy to work with Phylicia. She brought organization and coordination and took several administrative things off my hands so I could focus on strategizing and growing the business.”

Shanoy Coombs

CEO at Infinity IMC
Director at Kai Kit 4 Kids
Founder Jamaican Mommies

“Phylicia is very diligent in carrying out her tasks. She is also keen on improving her skills so that she can produce the most excellent work. She makes running my online business so much easier.”

Julia O Barnes

CEO at The Boss Teacher

Online Course Creator Coach

“I have been using Phylicia’s virtual assistant services, and I find her to be very helpful. She has strong time management skills, interpersonal skills, and a keen sense of initiative towards getting things done within and outside of her job requirement. I would definitely recommend her to my entrepreneurial colleagues.”

Joan Wright Good

CEO at Business Start-Up Solutions & JWG Pubishing House LLC

More Clients I Have Worked With

What Can I Do for You?

I am a Full Service Virtual Assistant and my office is able to help save your business tons of time each week & earn more.

As a Virtual Assistant, my office is a full-service Virtual Support Firm. We are fully engaged in much of the day-to-day tasks that tend to take up most of the day so that my clients are able to maximize their productivity while doing what they enjoy thus adding to their bottom line.

As a Virtual Assistant Coach. My aim is to help persons transition from brick and mortar to the virtual world seemlessly.

Books that I have written are written to educate and motivate.

I’ve worked with several companies in several capacities.

Services that I provide as a Virtual Assistant are:

Online Home Based Biz Development
Online Course Creation
Website Design
Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Email Management
Social Media Customer Service
Customer Support
Office Administration
Appointment Setting
Data Entry


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